Songs From The Armory Volume 3

by Brendan Boogie

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“Songs From The Armory Volume 3″ is a bit of a misnomer as only one of the songs (my duet with the amazing Leesa Coyne of Naked On Rollerskates) was written for a show we did together at the Somerville Armory. But I have decided to continue the Songs from the Armory idea with any future songwriting collaborations/duets I do. Because I’m lazy like that.

This time around, Brian King from Oranjuly is taking the reins as producer. Brian and I have been a mutual admiration society for years now and we finally decided that we needed to write a song together. Lo and behold, we ended up with not one but two very different little ditties for your listening pleasure. Brian is an obscenely talented songwriter, musician, and producer as well as a hell of a nice guy, so it has been a pure labor of love.

Speaking of love, “Love Is For Losers” was co-written with Abbie Barrett. We first performed it at an anti-Valentine’s comedy and music variety show at ImprovBoston in Cambridge. Spending any significant amount of time with Abbie is usually nothing short of downright torture, but giving birth to this shiny pop gem was worth every awful second being in her presence (I kid).

It’s hard to believe that this is the last EP of the series. When I first came up with this nutso idea, I wasn’t sure I’d actually see it through, as I am at nature a weakbabyquitterpants. At the very least, I thought I would be so creatively drained that I would never want to record another note again. The complete opposite has happened. I feel so charged up. I can’t wait to make more music. I’m going to take a break for the sake of my sanity and my pocketbook, but rest assured – there is more to come. Songs From The Armory Vol 4, anyone? Vol 5? Eh? - Brendan Boogie


released July 5, 2011

Produced and edited by Brian King

Brendan Boogie: vocals, guitar, percussion, harmonica
Brian King: vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion
Abbie Barrett: vocals
Leesa Coyne: vocals

1. Attraction Fades (Boogie/King)
2. Using Me Using You (Boogie/Coyne)
3. Love Is For Losers (Boogie/Barrett)
4. With A Single Motion (Boogie/King)

Copyright 2011 Scottish Agreed Publishing (ASCAP)


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Brendan Boogie Boston, Massachusetts

Brendan Boogie is a Boston-based rock and roller. Over several years and multiple albums, Brendan has crossed genres and asserted himself as one of New England's best working songwriters. With his latest venture (The Broken Gates), Boogie redefines himself again. ... more

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